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Treatment for Lower Back Pain Harrogate

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Lumbo-Sacral Pain/Lower Back Pain

A common disorder that affects 80% of the UK adult population each year. 

The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE clinical guideline 88) recommends Massage for most aches and pains and specifically recommends Massage for persistent (long lasting) non-specific (not caused by illness/injury) lower back pain.

 Lower back pain can be a caused by a range of problems- a specific cause or a specific condition such as degenerative disc disease or a lumbar herniated disc. Most causes of lower back pain can be linked to  a general cause such as  muscle strain, injury or over use. Muscular tightness in the Lumbo -sacral  region is a known cause of lower back pain. 

The majority of people may be lucky and find that their back problem settles within a couple of weeks. When this is not the case and for those whose pain continues you need to look for treatments which can address the causes. This could be self management and care through massage and other therapies. Back pain should be managed early to reduce the risk of long term pain and problems.

we offer a combined therapy which fuses a variety of massage techniques addressing both the skeletal and muscular systems of the body, looking at the whole rather than just the problem area.

A pain in the lower back can affect right up to the atlas and axis of the top two vertebrae or right down to the little toes. 

Stress and tension can build up in the lower back muscles and tendons and may be the result of poor posture, over use or repetitive movements, or from being seated for a long time either in a car or at a computer, equally standing for long periods can contribute to this issue.  

The spine is composed of 33 interlocking bones or vertebrae. The lumbo sacral region (lower back) consists of five lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum has  five bones joined together In a seated position the lumbo sacral discs are loaded three times more than when standing. Which is why it is important to keep active with back problems. 

Muscles tighten up when the body comes out of alignment, compensatory muscular tightness of the lower back. The muscles hold the body structures to help prevent further problems. Other muscles compensate for this imbalance causing a knock on effect. Depending where this problem started, whether in the shoulders or the lower back or in the pelvis joint, how we move, how we sit and what we do all contributes to this becoming a bigger problem. The posture and bio-mechanics of movement will become affected.

Treatment for this condition can help relax the tightened muscles and improve the bodies skeletal alignment. A course of treatments is muscle has memory and often wants to go back to its tightened position. A treatment course would  hinge on the severity of the condition and the length of time in which this has existed and of course how the person feels.

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