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 ______ Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Harrogate, Knaresborough,Wetherby_

 You don't have to be a sporty person to benefit from a Sports and Deep Tissue Massage... 
This type of massage has a whole range of benefits for everyone, even people who live a less active lifestyle. 
We have a wealth of experience to incorporate into our treatments sessions for those who are active including runners who do 10k's, half marathons and marathons, or people who run for fun and enjoyment, cyclists as well as many other sports

Stress and Tension can build up in the muscles and tendons and may be the result of bad posture, over use of muscles. repetitive movements or from being seated for long periods either at a desk or in the car, equally standing for long periods can contribute to this issue.

People with tension in the upper back around the shoulders often benefit from a sports massage which is an effective and beneficial therapy using Deep Tissue Massage and Soft Tissue Massage techniques. These are applied in reference to your needs and requirements identified in the initial consultation. The therapy can also be combined with other therapies and tailored to your requirements.

People new to sports suffering from shin splints, tight hamstrings, glute problems these are just a few areas we may be able to help. Stress and Tension can build up in the muscles which may be the result of poor posture, over use, repetitive use or from being seated for long periods.

A sports massage uses a range of techniques, which are applied to alleviate stresses and strains brought on by over using the muscles or just general wear and tear through playing sport or doing an activity. Over used and sore muscles need looking after as they become prone to injury. To keep those muscles flexible and their range of movement, come and have a sports and deep tissue massage.

Benefits include: Reduces Pain and tension in the muscles/Helps muscles recover from exercise/Improves their range of movement and flexibility/Prevents injury/helps speed up recovery from that.

Treatment Times:

60 mins and 90 mins appointments available.       

- Combine a treatment with a session to align the body using our body work techniques.

- Incorporate a Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help flush lactic acid from the muscles

- Nutritional advice and stretching programmes available

Pre-Event & Post Event Massages Available 

Clients Comments:

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