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Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage Harrogate  Fusionage Therapies 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be a stand alone treatment as a Lymphatic Drainage Facial, a very gentle and natural massage which uses no oil. 

Around a third of the bodies lymph nodes are found in the neck. Gently stimulating the lymph nodes encourages the lymph to flow freely around the face and neck area. Lymph nodes contain antibodies and when stimulated help boost your immune system.  This helps to renew, strengthen and regenerate the skin cells from within. The treatment encourages collagen formation making it an ideal anti-ageing therapy for anyone wanting to slow the ageing process down. It also flushes and removes toxins, cellular waste and bacteria.

Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Facial include:

  * Helps sinus problems and nasal congestion 

 * Flushes and removes toxins, cellular waste and bacteria                              

  * Helps with puffy eyes by reducing the fluid retention which causes bags under the eyes.

 * Helps Meniere's Disease   

 * Helps earaches and blocked ears

 * Helps to reduce facial swelling 

 * Helps labyrinthitis 

 * Very relaxing and great to clear your head from a busy day.


Treatment Times:

45 mins treatments available

- can be combined with a full-body Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Clients Comments 

''  Extremely relaxing treatment...I almost went to sleep....''

'' I have suffered with sinus problems for a long time, I had a course of treatments and my sinuses were much improved.''

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage serving people from Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon, Knaresborough, Boston Spa , Leeds, Collingham, North Yorkshire

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