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_Hot Stone Massage Harrogate_

Hot Stone Massage Harrogate

A deeply relaxing treatment using hot smooth stones. Heat from the stones helps increase circulation  helping tired sore and aching muscles. Helping improve and reduce tightness and increase flexibility. Skin and subcutaneous tissue comprises of large amounts of collagen. When heated, it becomes more pliable, allowing for deeper tissue work into sore or stiff areas without the discomfort sometimes associated with deeper work. This makes it a very effective, relaxing massage to receive.

Benefits of heat application include:

* Decreased Pain by producing an anaethesia effect.

* Increases blood supply to damaged or injured areas.

* Makes muscle or Fascia more pliable.

* Reduces Muscle contractions.

* Encourages Relaxation. 

* Calms the nervous system.

* Increases ease of movement.

* Allows deeper tissue work without discomfort enabling the treatment of              muscular-skeletal stiffness and pain to be treated more effectively.

Treatment Time:

45 mins @ £40

60 mins @£55 

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