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 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test Harrogate__ 

Clinically proven to be effective in identifying mineral deficiencies, excesses and toxicity.

Are you feeling out of Balance?

Particularly beneficial for women's menopause symptoms and hormone Imbalances, Stress Burn Out, Adrenal Fatigue..and much more...

What is a Hair Tissue Mineral Test?

This is a specialised laboratory test that measures the mineral composition of the hair from the last three months of the bodies activities. Results of the tests include a wealth of clinical data and information.

*A detailed personalised and comprehensive report which includes indications of    your level of nutrient minerals and toxic metals.

* Dietary advice of recommended foods and ones to avoid.

* Metabolic assessments.

* Specific supplement recommendations for your requirements.

* Helps identify areas of concern.

* Helps shed light on your current health status.

What Can cause Mineral Imbalances ? 

* Diets- high in refined carbohydrates/Sugar/salt/alcohol/saturated fats/foods  grown on poor nutrient soils.

* Stress- Both physical and /or emotional stress can deplete the body of many    nutrients. At a time of stress the body's ability to absorb minerals can be affected.

* Medication-such as diuretics, the oral contraceptive pill,

* Pollution- throughout our lives we are continually exposed to toxic metal  sources which absorb in our bodies. Sources such as exhaust fumes, cigarette  smoke,dental amalgams, unfiltered water, copper and aluminium cookware and  antiperspirants. Plastics and bpa's are just a few and there are many more.

* Inherited Patterns-Certain mineral patterns can be inherited from our  parents.

* Nutrient Supplements-Taking certain supplements can also lead to mineral excesses and deficiencies.

Why have a Hair Mineral Analysis Test?

Mineral nutrients and toxic metal levels have been proven to have a significant impact on health. Excesses and deficiencies of these can also contribute to symptoms of poor health.

Routine tests such as blood and urine are valid and important but they only establish results from an evaluation of body fluids. A hair sample test evaluates on a cellular level and what is currently happening over a period of the last three months. Providing you with a unique analysis of your body's cells chemistry. 

Within the body's cells is the main place where supplements, foods and nutrients are metabolised and used.

 Minerals are a critical component for enzyme reactions and functions for the body. A test can pick up on deficiencies and excesses of minerals and elements. The development of imbalances, which left untreated could develop into a pathological condition. 

All minerals have inter-relationships with other nutrients. A synergistic (working together or in cooperation with each other) or an antagonistic relationship (working against) other minerals and vitamins.

Information from a Hair Test Result includes:

* Mineral status, imbalances and Ratios

* The Adrenal Ratio 

* The Blood Sugar Ratio

* Hormones

*  The Thyroid Ratio

*  Metabolic Ratio

* Nutrient Mineral Levels

* Toxic Heavy Metal Screening

* Energy Levels

* Nervous System Imbalances

* Protein Synthesis

* Inflammation

* Liver and Kidney Stress

* Diet recommendations of foods to avoid or to eat more of, depending on      your mineral profile.

* Stages of Stress

Minerals are involved in all enzyme reactions in the body and therefore regulate all chemical processes throughout the body.

To book for a Hair Mineral Analysis Test for your personalised report, please contact Rachael.

As an experienced therapist Rachael is serving clients in Yorkshire including Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, Wetherby,Ilkely, Collingham, Fusionage Therapies -Rachael Inchboard Harrogate

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