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Dorn Therapy -For Back Pain & problems and to help Re-Balance the body.

Dorn Therapy is all about creating balance in the body. It is a safe manual therapy focusing on the cause of back and joint pain.

The Dorn Method helps with posture and body alignment issues through correcting misalignment of the spine, pelvis and joints. This in time helps to relieve all the other associated problems which can occur when the body is out of balance. 

Targets common health problems including: Back Pain/Sciatica/ Neck Pain/Headaches, Migraines /Joint problems such as Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle.

 The treatment includes a mini Breuss Massage which focuses purely on the spine. The treatment can be extended to 90 mins. to get a full half hour Breuss Spinal Massage.

Treatment Times:

60 mins - Treatment incorporates a mini Breuss Spinal Massage.

90 mins - Treatment incorporates a full 30 mins Breuss Spinal Massage.

Breuss Spinal Massage

Breuss Spinal Massage is a very gentle and relaxing massage which helps draw tension out of the back and spine. Safely stretching, aligning and allowing the vertebrae to breathe. This helps with the regeneration of the vertebra. Named after Rudolf Breuss, who developed the method and believed that degenerated inter-vertebral discs were capable of regenerating.

Treatment time:  

30 mins and 60 mins treatments available

- A 30 mins treatment can be incorporated with a Dorn Therapy session 

- A treatment can be combined with a Lymphatic Drainage Facial for a great way to relax.

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