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Fusionage Therapies-Rachael Inchboard 
             Based at Pure Treatment Rooms central Harrogate

       Fusionage Therapies-Rachael Inchboard
                          Harrogate Massage   

Rachael is a qualified, insured and experienced massage therapist who trained in Harrogate and London.  A fully insured member of the CTHA, the professional body of Complimentary Therapies . Rachael's health and well-being Practice was set up over eight years ago and has been based at:-

 Pure Treatment Rooms in Harrogate, 1 Cheltenham Mount, HG1 1DW.

Rachael comes with a wealth of experience having freelanced for five years with The Academy Spa (now David Lloyd's) and Hotel Du Vin both based in Harrogate. 

 She also holds a BA(Hons) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture.

Rachael found a strong passion to help people's health and well being  through personal and family illnesses.  Fusionage Therapies was created through her experience and personal journey and understands just how important it is to look after your health.

Rachael works with people from all walks of life to help alleviate their stresses and strains of daily life, which can cause their muscles to tighten or their Lymphatic Systems to become sluggish. Office workers who often have posture and body alignment issues and shoulder and neck tension. People that lead active lives, including sports people, who have over used muscles or repetitive impact problems effecting their muscles  and skeletal system. 

Rachael understands the need for people to reach their goals and remembers what it means and feels like to 'train hard', through her competitive swimming earlier in life. How frustrating it is when sports people have injuries, muscle strains and sprains. As a regular runner she enjoys challenging herself to compete in local 10K events.

Rachael believes that well-being starts from within and how we live our daily life. Most importantly is what we do next to improve our health, our lives and that of others.

As an experienced massage therapist Rachael works with people from all areas in Yorkshire including: - Harrogate,  Knaresborough, Wetherby, Boston Spa, Leeds, Otley, Collingham, Ripon, Bramhope and Ilkley. North Yorkshire

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