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Fusionage Therapies-Rachael Inchboard 
             Based at Pure Treatment Rooms central Harrogate

_Swedish_Massage_ Harrogate_

A Swedish Body Massage is more well known as a relaxation massage or a de-stress massage.

A massage using a light to medium pressure. Using a range of techniques and pressures to manipulate the soft tissues of the body for both local and overall therapeutic effects and benefits.

Great for general relaxation and for your general well-being.

 Benefits of a Swedish Massage include:

 * Helps rejuvenate the whole body systems increasing energy and reducing fatigue

 * Relaxes and calms the mind reducing the effects of stress

 * Eases away aching joints.

 * Helps long term to lower high blood pressure.

 * Increases positive psychological feelings of well-being.

Treatment Times:

30 mins/60 mins and 90 mins full body massage treatments available.

Clients Comments:

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