Based in Pure Treatment Rooms Central Harrogate
Fusionage Therapies-Rachael Inchboard
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Fusionage Therapies-Rachael Inchboard 
             Based at Pure Treatment Rooms central Harrogate


Pricing for all treatments except: Hot Stones Massage and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

90 Mins Treatment £65                                                

60 Mins Treatment £45                                          

45  Mins Treatment £35                                            

 30 Mins Treatment £28

Hot Stone Massage 

(45 mins. @ £45  or 60 mins @ £55)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

£75 for the Hair Test  initial appointment £25 for the follow up appointment the same.

Pricing excludes special offers which are individually priced.

All treatments include a full consultation within the allocated time.

Cancellation policy: Please give 24 hours notice for a cancellation of a treatment or you will be required to pay for a full treatment charge for which you have booked.



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